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Shielding Tester: A Pocket-Sized Faraday Cage Tester for Android and iOS - velter

Shielding Tester: A Pocket-Sized Faraday Cage Tester for Android and iOS

Shielding Tester: A Pocket-Sized Faraday Cage Tester for Android and iOS

The Shielding Tester app is an essential utility for any shielding device user. With this app, you can independently verify the signal-blocking effectiveness of your shielding sleeve, box, or bag. You can also measure signal attenuation in shielding rooms and tents using your smartphone's inbuilt receiver and transmitter.

Shielding Tester evaluates the signal level across various communication standards, including cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones.

Shielding Tester Features

  • Measurement of signal levels in real-time for cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth;
  • Graphical display of recorded signals;
  • Comprehensive reporting on registered signals;
  • Capability to export and share detailed reports;
  • Option to record and review past measurements;
  • Authorization in personal account;
  • Access to in-app tutorial;
  • Direct access to Velter's online store for shielding devices.

Use Cases of Shielding Tester

  • Conducting regular checks on shielding devices;
  • Testing the effectiveness of Faraday boxes in meeting rooms;
  • Identifying signal strengths at different locations within a room;
  • Conducting quick product tests at manufacturing facilities;
  • Providing practical demonstrations for educational purposes;
  • Assessing the performance of DIY Faraday cages.

The Shielding Tester app isn't exclusive to a specific brand of shielding devices - it's capable of testing any Faraday cage products from various manufacturers. This kind of testing becomes imperative as there are manufacturers out there who might bypass rigorous quality checks during production, resulting in poor quality products being sold. In our experience, we've found that some devices from other brands do not perform as expected across certain frequencies.

5G Support

Shielding Tester now supports all cellular communication standards, including 5G. If your shielding device doesn't pass the test, the app provides a direct link to Velter's online store, where reliable alternatives can be purchased.

Extended Functionality

While the standard version of the app offers up to three tests per day, registered users can enjoy up to thirty daily tests and have the ability to save and share detailed reports. For those needing unlimited testing, a PRO version is available, suitable for manufacturers for conducting regular industrial tests.

iOS Version

Owing to the restrictive framework of iOS, the iPhone version of Shielding Tester might give less accurate results. On iPhones running iOS 11 or newer, the readings could be off by about ±5 dBm. Apart from this minor difference, the app works pretty much the same on Android and iPhone.

Available for Download Now

Shielding Tester is now available for download on Google Play and the App Store for all Android and iOS users. If you come across any issues, please take a screenshot and contact us, we will ensure it is addressed in our subsequent update.

Looking ahead, we are in the process of developing a sound level assessment application with a noise generator function, aimed at preventing unauthorized conversation recordings. Keep an eye on our social media channels for further updates.

We value your feedback and ratings. If you find the app helpful, we encourage you to rate us on the app store.