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Here's Why Your Gadgets Need a Faraday Cage

Here's Why Your Gadgets Need a Faraday Cage

In our digital age, safe use of mobile devices is a significant challenge. This piece explores why control measures like a Faraday cage are essential for your gadgets' security.

Smartphones: Always On, Always Connected

Contemporary life offers us the luxury of never truly being disconnected. Smartphones, our constant companions, are not simply switched off with the press of a button as with older gadgets. Instead, these advanced devices enter a power-conserving standby mode, maintaining various active communication functionalities. An ostensibly "off" phone continues to interact with nearby devices, share its geolocation, and could even potentially be hacked remotely. For those seeking absolute privacy, the traditional shutdown or airplane mode might not suffice.

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The Uninvited Listener

A significant 60% of smartphone users believe their devices are eavesdropping on their offline conversations for commercial purposes. After discussing a specific product or service, users have noticed relevant ads appearing on their online platforms. Although IT corporations deny any such intrusion into user privacy, German researchers have conducted studies detailing a plausible mechanism for "ad eavesdropping." The blogosphere is rife with articles and videos explicitly demonstrating how phones seem to present ads based on recent conversations, adding fuel to these unsettling suspicions.

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Ensuring the Privacy of Crucial Conversations

Not only do smartphones and other electronics monitor users' whereabouts, but they also have the potential to covertly switch on microphones and cameras. This loophole can be exploited by ill-intentioned parties to remotely eavesdrop confidential dialogues. There are situations, such as during pivotal business talks or confidential attorney meetings, where any risk of phone-tapping is unacceptable. In these instances, the key to preserving privacy is to employ devices that physically thwart any remote infiltration of mobile phones.

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The Monetization of Personal Data

Personal data is a commodity. Tech giants have amassed wealth by monetizing personal data: our interests, frequented locations, social circles, and more. Not just corporations, but also cybercriminals target ordinary users. Personal data, encompassing account details, passwords, passport information, photos, geolocation data, etc., can be bought and sold on the dark web and weaponized against common users. Cybersecurity is the need of the hour in today's digital jungle.

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The Productivity Paradox of Smartphones

Workplaces grapple with the smartphone-induced productivity paradox. Employees reportedly spend over 5 hours weekly on their phones during work hours, costing companies billions. Moreover, the average person checks their phone every 12 minutes, hampering sustained concentration on work tasks. The solution? Disconnect from the network, remove the phone from sight, and marvel at your newfound productivity.

Adrian Ward, an American researcher, demonstrated this in an experiment. Participants given the same tasks but in different phone-proximity scenarios (phone on the table, in the pocket, or in another room) performed best when the phone was out of sight and mind.

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A Constant Companion: Electromagnetic Radiation

Mobile phones emit electromagnetic waves, classified as potentially carcinogenic by the World Health Organization. Neither airplane mode nor "Do Not Disturb" mode fully safeguards users as the phone's radio modules remain active. Even manufacturers recommend keeping smartphones away from the head.

Independent research indicates that popular smartphone models often exceed the declared Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) standards. While we can't altogether abandon smartphones, we can strive for a healthier usage compromise. For instance, block your phone's radio signals when not in use and use special radiation-reducing bags while keeping the device connected.

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In Conclusion: Striving for Privacy, Security, and Balance

In the face of modern realities, we cannot revert to the pre-smartphone era, nor should we use technology recklessly. Velter products are designed to help strike a balance in smartphone usage while providing a reliable means to control them. Velter's shielding sleeves, capsules, bags, and other devices let you manage your devices on a physical level, making them more effective than airplane mode, shutdowns, or other software solutions.