Velter's Climate Commitment

Velter's climate commitment


At Velter, we're committed to leveraging technology not just to enhance life but to safeguard our planet. It is with great pride that we announce our partnership with the Planet program, taking a stand against climate change. Our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint include utilizing environmentally friendly materials, refining our manufacturing processes to cut down on waste and emissions, and endorsing recycling and reuse initiatives.

We're dedicated to climate change mitigation, including investments in carbon capture and storage endeavors. As part of our commitment to the Planet program, we ensure carbon-neutral shipping for every order by contributing $0.04 USD per order towards carbon offset projects.

By choosing Velter, you do more than protect your data and privacy; you play a role in safeguarding our shared habitat — Earth. Your support helps us make technology a powerful ally in the quest for sustainability, aiming for a future that's green and promising for all. Join us in this vital mission, where every product you purchase contributes to a healthier planet.