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Keyless Car Theft: 7 Smart Ways to Protect Your Vehicle

Keyless Car Theft: 7 Smart Ways to Protect Your Vehicle

Keyless car theft is on the rise, with criminals exploiting technology to gain access to vehicles without the need for a physical key. As convenient as keyless entry systems are, they also present new security challenges. In this article, we will discuss 7 smart ways to protect your vehicle from keyless car theft.

1. Invest in a steering wheel lock

A steering wheel lock is a physical barrier that prevents the steering wheel from being turned. This simple yet effective device can deter thieves and make it difficult for them to drive away with your car. A combination of physical security and signal-blocking technology, like a Faraday pouch, can provide comprehensive protection against theft.

2. Install a tracking device and use a smart garage opener

A tracking device can help you locate your car if it is stolen, while a smart garage opener adds an extra layer of security by allowing you to monitor and control access to your garage remotely. You can receive alerts when your garage door is opened and closed, and even set up access schedules to ensure that your car is secure during specific times.

3. Update your vehicle's software

Manufacturers periodically release software updates to address security vulnerabilities. Make sure to update your vehicle's software to the latest version to stay protected from potential hacks and exploits.

4. Disable passive keyless entry

Some vehicles allow you to disable passive keyless entry, which means the car won't unlock automatically when you approach it with the key fob. This can help prevent relay attacks by requiring you to press a button on the key fob to unlock the car.

5. Park in well-lit, secure areas

Thieves often target vehicles parked in poorly lit or secluded areas. When possible, park your car in a well-lit, busy area, or in a secure parking facility with surveillance cameras and security personnel.

6. Be vigilant and report suspicious activity

Always be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity to the police. If you see someone acting suspiciously near your car or in your neighborhood, don't hesitate to contact the authorities.

7. Use a Faraday anti-theft case for key fob

A Faraday pouch or case, such as Velter Anti-Theft Shielding Case for Car Keys, is designed to block radio signals from your key fob. This prevents criminals from intercepting and replicating the signal to unlock your car. Simply place your key fob inside the pouch when not in use to prevent signal interception.

Protecting your vehicle from keyless car theft is crucial in today's technologically advanced world. By following these 7 smart tips and investing in innovative security products by Velter, you can keep your car safe from criminals and enjoy the convenience of keyless entry with peace of mind.