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Faraday Crossbody Bag

Faraday Crossbody Bag

Digital privacy on the go

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An ergonomic Faraday Crossbody Bag for ultimate privacy and digital security. The detachable Faraday sleeve blocks signals, providing protection against hacking, tracking, and relay attack car theft, while also offering digital detox. To go off the grid, place your smartphone in the sleeve to disconnect from all communications channels. To protect your bank cards from remote skimming, use the hidden anti-theft pocket with RFID protection. Enjoy peace of mind, leaving digital threats in the past.


• Detachable Faraday sleeve blocks radio signals: GSM / 3G / 4G / 5G / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / GPS / RFID / NFC
• Hidden RFID protection slot for secure storage of electronic cards and documents
• Moisture resistance and dust protection


Material: Polyester with dust and moisture protection
Adjustable strap
Dimensions (Bag): 35 х 16 cm
Interior dimensions (Sleeve): 21,5 x 10 cm


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Cardholder with RFID protection - velter
Anti-skimming accessory
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