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Faraday Dry Bag - 10L

Faraday Dry Bag - 10L

Digital privacy protection

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Waterproof shielding backpack protects gadgets from water and external cyberthreats. Faraday cage instantly blocks all radio signals. Prevents geolocation tracking, remote camera and microphone activation on mobile devices, and wireless data transfer.

Roomy to carry and compact to transport, fits in any bag or backpack when folded. Lightweight and durable specially coated nylon provides water resistance, withstands frequent wear and light mechanical abuse.

Ideal for protecting digital privacy when traveling and hiking, as well as for use in harsh weather conditions.


• Ultra-lightweight waterproof 400D nylon;
• Internal volume of 10 liters;
• Built-in Faraday cage to protect privacy and digital security;
• Blocks cellular communications (GSM, 3/4G, LTE), geolocation (GPS/GLONASS), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID/NFC, electromagnetic radiation from electronics;
• Adjustable premium quality removable sling;
• Premium Duraflex® UTX buckles hardware;
• Sealed closure for total water tightness (at least 3 turns);
• Diameter ~145 mm.


Internal volume: 10 liters
Diameter: ~180 mm
Material: Ultra-lightweight waterproof 400D nylon


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