Do you have questions about Velter protective products? We have answers!

What is a shielding case?

A shielding case (also known as a shielded case) is a product that
represents a Faraday cage. It's a patented multi-layered construction
designed for the safe storage of electronic devices and protection
against remote hacking, tracking, car theft via relay attacks, and other
cyber threats. You can place a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, laptop,
or smart car key in the case. These cases are made using metallized
material, which blocks (shields) radio signals such as cellular
(GSM/2/3/4G), Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth. The case operates in passive
mode and does not require power/batteries.

How does blocking radio signals with cases work?

Blocking radio signals is achieved through the physical principle of
shielding, also known as the "Faraday cage" effect. The case is
constructed using patented technology with multiple layers of highly
conductive metallized material. This ensures effective blocking of all
incoming and outgoing radio signals at a physical level.

How to use a shielding case properly?

To achieve complete blocking of radio communication, it is necessary to
securely close the top flap of the case using the hook and loop
fastener. Please refer to the full instructions and care recommendations
on our website or in the instruction card provided with the Velter
shielding case.

How does blocking radio signals with a capsule occur?

Blocking radio signals is achieved through the physical principle of
shielding, also known as the "Faraday cage" effect. In the BLOCK
capsule, the housing is made of aluminum with tight electrical contact
achieved through copper spring strips. This ensures effective blocking
of all incoming and outgoing radio signals at a physical level.

Why block the radio communication of your phones?

Shielding products are necessary to physically
switch smartphones and other electronic devices to offline mode. For
example, during business negotiations, it is necessary to maintain
confidentiality and eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access to
the phone's camera or microphone.

It is known that the voice
assistant Siri recorded and transcribed users' conversations,
transmitting voice data to private contractors. For this reason, the
head of military intelligence in the Netherlands, Jan Swillens,
recommended that all private companies conduct negotiations and business
meetings without phones and other gadgets. "I don't think the board of
directors of a large organization should discuss trade secrets when
there's a smartphone or iPad on the table. Yes, they are very convenient
- all the necessary information is always at hand. But the risk of
espionage is great."

Using shielding products, you block radio
signals (and therefore radio communication) at the physical level - this
method is simple, reliable, and has been known since the 19th century
under the name "Faraday cage". While turning off the phone or some of
its functions programmatically, you certainly do not know exactly what
is happening with the device.

Can Velter products reduce smartphone radiation without disconnecting the device from the network?

This feature is available in our Faraday bag - thanks to the shielding
fabric, it reduces radiation levels towards the body by 50%, even when
the phone is in "online" mode. The effectiveness is confirmed by
laboratory tests conducted by VNIIIFTRI.

Are shielding products designed to hide from someone?

Shielding products are used for privacy, digital security, and
protection against EM radiation. They are primarily designed for those
who need to reliably switch electronic devices offline - military
personnel, lawyers, employees of intelligence agencies, journalists, and
businessmen (to protect against industrial espionage). The task of
shielding devices is not to hide the user, but to give them control over
network access at a physical level. Although shielding products do
effectively block remote tracking and access to the device, their
consumers may include ordinary users concerned about their privacy and
digital security.

Wouldn't it be easier to turn off the phone or switch it to airplane mode?

Airplane mode and shutdown do not limit the transition to offline - modern smartphones with non-removable batteries transmit data even when turned off. A Symantec study found that 37% of applications transmit user geolocation data without the user's knowledge, and 25% can eavesdrop on conversations. According to
former head of the R&D department at Ericsson, phone number
Avi mode can use the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, which
uses stores to clarify geolocation for commercial purposes,
as well as in contact tracing communication. With points of partiality and
privacy the user must have control
information exchange, including by physically disconnecting the phone
from the network.

Airplane mode is also not suitable for digital detox. As the study showed
American Time magazine, the phone distracts the user even if
it just lies nearby. That's why it's important to take a break from your phone completely.
remove it from sight.

Retrieving the phone from the capsule takes only a few seconds. Why then is BLOCK considered an effective tool against digital dependence?

The capsule sets a certain "red line" that cannot be crossed. Similar to
how a low decorative fence prevents people from walking on the lawn, BLOCK serves as a physical barrier between the digital and real world

So, BLOCK is just a metal box that doesn't let radio waves pass through? What are the differences between this capsule and a tin can from coffee?

The BLOCK capsule is a complex device that guarantees the blocking of radio signals. Its construction is a compact "Faraday cage" with
shielding effectiveness of at least 65 dB in the frequency range from 30
MHz to 6 GHz and internal walls made of copper and aluminum, ensuring
effective electrical contact between the elements. Comparing such a
device to a simple metal coffee can is meaningless, at least because the
shielding capsule has been tested in an independent laboratory, whereas
the can has not.

Can a shielding case harm a smartphone?

No, using shielding devices is completely safe. The Faraday cage is a
method of passive protection, not a means of actively suppressing radio
signals. Inside the shielded space, the smartphone is outside the
coverage area of the cellular network and also loses connection through
all other wireless communication channels.

Is it possible to wash and iron a shielding case?

No, a shielding case cannot be washed or ironed. Metallized fabrics lose their shielding properties during washing, drying, or ironing.

What is the 3MSV technology?

3MSV (3 Multilayer Structure by Velter) is our unique technology of
multilayer arrangement of several types of decorative and high-tech
materials into a single layer. Thanks to this technology, wallets,
cardholders, and other Velter products with RFID protection become very
compact and indistinguishable from similar accessories without
protective functions.

Do the radio communication functions on devices located near shielding products get blocked?

No, shielding products are not devices with active radio signal
suppression functionality. They are common items with a built-in
"Faraday cage" that completely blocks radio communication passively and
emits no electromagnetic radiation.

Do shielding products require batteries or accumulators?

Since the blocking of radio signals occurs passively through the
physical principle of shielding, protective functions do not require

Is grounding required for a compact Faraday cage (case, capsule)?

Grounding is not required for a small enclosed electrically conductive
shell (Faraday cage) because there is no accumulation of static charge,
unlike anechoic shielded chambers, which have a much larger surface area of conductive material.

On Chinese marketplaces, there are similar devices available at a lower price. Why are yours more expensive?

We prioritize quality. Our products are made from high-quality
materials, tested in professional conditions, and often surpass their
counterparts. With this approach, we cannot guarantee the lowest price
on the market. We understand that some may choose cheaper products, but
we are focused on serving customers for whom quality comes first.

Is it better to use foil instead?

Is it better to use foil?

Foil, tin cans, chip bags, and similar
solutions may not be effective, although they are capable of attenuating
radio signals. We tested foil (in three layers) for blocking radio
signals. Foil allows radio signals to pass through the seams, wrinkles,
tears easily, cannot be reused, and does not provide uniform assembly.
For complete blocking of all wireless communication standards, it is
recommended to use professional, tested solutions such as Faraday cage
cases and capsules, which are mass-produced using consistent technology.
They are used by lawyers, intelligence agents, military personnel,
government officials, journalists, or simply advanced mobile gadget

How does the shielding case protect the car from theft?

The anti-theft cover from Velter prevents radio interception of the
signal from the car key fob. This method of theft is more commonly known
as "relay attack." Using this method, expensive cars with quality
alarms can be stolen in just a few seconds. The cover completely blocks
the radio transmission function on the key fob, depriving criminals of
the only opportunity for remote opening of the car doors and starting
the engine.

Signal interception during car theft using a "fishing" method occurs when the buttons on the chip key are pressed?

Signal interception occurs not when the buttons on the key are pressed,
but at any time while it is in your pocket, bag, or even in your hands.
This is a feature of all keyless entry systems - the chip key
continuously transmits a signal so the car can receive it and grant
access to the cabin when the owner approaches. Velter shielding products
completely block the transmission of the radio signal from the key,
making its interception and relay impossible.

Does the shielding case or box protect against recording conversations and eavesdropping?

When the smartphone is in the shielding case/box, data transmission via
radio channels is blocked. This makes it impossible to remotely activate
the microphone or camera. Acoustic signals at a distance of 1 m from
the sound source are reduced by 15% with the case and by 40% with the
box. So, if you turn on the recorder on the smartphone and put it in the
case/box, speech can still be heard.

Solution: You can
additionally use noise masking with our WhiteShield app (for iPhone). We
are also developing a new device called Jammer, aimed at suppressing
microphones using ultrasound.

Collapsible roShould one protect themselves from cellphone electromagnetic radiation?

Non-ionizing radiation from cellphones can affect the body, a
possibility not denied by the manufacturers themselves. Despite iPhones
meeting all permissible norms of radiofrequency radiation (both globally
and in Russia), Apple recommends: "To reduce the level of
radiofrequency exposure, use loudspeaker mode, the supplied headphones,
or similar accessories."

CollapsiblWill a phone with blocked communication constantly drain the battery trying to find a cellular network signal?

The phone will not register with the network if there is no network available in the air.

base station continuously transmits system information on a separate
GSM channel or in a separate LTE block. The minimum necessary
information for connection analysis is as follows:

1) Country and network code.
2) Zone identifier.
3) Sector radio transmitter identifier in the cell.
4) Received signal level at which access to a specific base station is allowed.
5) Phone output power level at the beginning of the communication session.

the phone receives system information with a level higher than that
specified in point 4, it will not initiate network registration.
Consequently, the transmitter will not operate, and the battery charge
will not be depleted.

CHow do metal detectors react to Faraday cases and bags? Can their contents be seen during X-ray scanning at the airport?

The metal detector detects the shielding fabric and any electronic
gadgets inside, as they contain metallic elements in their construction.
X-ray scanning also fully reveals the contents, so there won't be any
issues during airport screening.

All about RFID-Defence


What is RFID-defence. What is RFID and NFC?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication)
are wireless data exchange technologies. RFID is used in bank cards for
contactless payment, electronic documents and passes, as well as
transportation cards for fare payment. NFC allows data exchange between
devices at short distances, for example, for making payments with a

Why is RFID protection necessary?

RFID protection is needed to ensure the security of your personal
information. Without it, malicious individuals can covertly read data
from RFID chips in passports and bank cards using portable RFID

Is RFID scanning a real threat?

RFID skimming is a rare but potential threat. It primarily affects
individuals who travel frequently, as airports and train stations are
ideal locations for discreetly reading data from passports.
Additionally, there's a possibility of targeted attacks to gain access
to specific documents or chip-enabled cards (for example, to copy a
digital pass).

Which Velter products provide RFID protection?

Velter cases, bags, backpacks and other products with a built-in Faraday
cage completely block RFID and NFC. In addition, some products have
special additional pockets for electronic cards, equipped with RFID

Questions about Jammer


Where is the guarantee that the jammer does not have technical “bookmarks” with the help of which wiretapping can be carried out?

Jammer is our own development; we assemble, configure, test devices
ourselves and carefully control every stage of production. All
electronic components are checked for compliance with documentation, and
we also check devices using test equipment for compliance with
technical requirements. Thanks to this, it is impossible to quietly
integrate any additional electronic modules into the jammer.

How safe and legal is it to use a jammer?

Jammer is absolutely safe, so its use does not violate any regulations.
At a distance of 1 m, the sound pressure level is 91 dB, which
corresponds to regulations in most countries of the world.

Can the jammer be used in the same room as pets?

При использовании джаммера в полном соответствии с инструкцией, он не
навредит здоровью домашних животных. Измерения в октавных полосах частот
показали, что на расстоянии 1 м уровень звукового давления равен от 25
до 38 дБ — такие результаты подтверждают безвредность устройства для
домашних питомцев. Тем не менее, мы не рекомендуем использовать джаммер в
одном помещении с животными, т.к. в зависимости от чувствительности
слуха животного, работающий джаммер может вызвать у него ощущение

Why is it recommended to use a jammer in conjunction with a Faraday capsule?

The walls of the capsule reflect ultrasonic waves and provide the most
effective jammer operation. In addition, the capsule blocks communication and
information exchange on smartphones, which means it makes any
remote interaction with them.

Can the jammer be used without a capsule?

The design of the jammer itself and our operating recommendations
suggest its use in conjunction with a Faraday capsule. However, we have
conducted research that confirms the jammer's effectiveness in open
spaces. The effective operating angle is 60°, and the range is 50 cm.

Our view on detox

Detox and electromagnetic emmition

When my smartphone is in a Faraday cage, am I completely out of my digital life? Not receiving calls, emails or notifications?

While the smartphone is inside the shielding case or box, you will be able to
only call the answering machine. But it is worth removing the smartphone from
protective device - and you can get acquainted with all the missed
letters and notifications. Ability to physically control
states “online” and “offline” - this is the main purpose
shielding products.

Do shielding cases and boxes block electromagnetic radiation?

Yes, all products are based on the Faraday cage principle and prevent
the penetration of electromagnetic radiation. Suitable for people with
electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Does the use of shielding products have any impact on health?

Only in a positive way, because they protect you from electromagnetic
radiation and digital addiction. No negative consequences for the human
body associated with the use of shielding devices were found.

I want to protect myself from unwanted calls and harmful radiation while I sleep, but I need an alarm function on my phone. Will it work in a case or capsule?

Yes, because shielding products only block radio communications. All
functions not related to remote transmission of information will still

Do shielding products protect against 5G radio waves?

The issue of harm from 5G is associated with many false theories, and we
do not recommend treating this communication standard with more concern
than the current 3G or LTE. You can read more about 5G in our blog. But
to answer the question, yes, shielding products block 5G waves. At the
same time, we note that in the future, cellular operators will move to
higher 5G frequencies and we will need to conduct additional tests when
this communication standard becomes operational in an updated format.