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Smartphone EMF Reduction Bag

Smartphone EMF Reduction Bag

For digital well-being

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A technologically advanced sling bag designed to protect against phone EMF radiation, ensure privacy, and prevent car theft. Lab tests confirm a 50% reduction of smartphone radiation. Add the patented Faraday sleeve for enhanced privacy, and include the anti-theft Faraday bag for your car key to protect against relay attacks. It is the ultimate city saver and an excellent solution for those striving for a healthy lifestyle and digital well-being.


• Reduces smartphone radiation by 50% (verified by laboratory tests)
• Detachable Faraday sleeve, blocking all radio signals: GSM / 3G / 4G / 5G / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / GPS / RFID / NFC, is available as an additional option, not included
• Car theft prevention detachable Faraday key fob bag is available as an additional option, not included
• Hidden RFID anti-theft pocket to keep electronic cards and documents secure
• Magnetic clip for quick fastening of keys and fobs
• Headphones and charger access
• Glass holder
• Moisture and dust resistance


Materials: Polyester, Eco-leather

Color: beige
Adjustable sling (up to 120 cm)


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