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Stolp - Faraday Box

Stolp - Faraday Box

For digital detox

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An aesthetic gadget that disconnects smartphones from the network for digital balance and privacy. It's a Faraday cage that blocks all incoming and outgoing radio signals, granting you peace of mind and uninterrupted privacy. With Stolp, focus on productivity or immerse yourself in the real world, free from digital noise. Enjoy every moment without compromise.


• Faraday cage technology blocks radio signals: GSM / 3G / 4G / 5G / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / GPS / RFID / NFC
• 100% offline and no phone EMF radiation
• Accommodates 3-4 smartphones
• Visual reminder to unplug


Color: black, green, white
Dimensions: 19 x 10,5 х 6 cm


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